Hey everyone! I've had this tumblr since June 2011, but I became a luxury/glamour blog in January 2012. I love talking to all my amazing followers, so feel free to send me a message (be sure to read my faq though) have a nice day!

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Some stuff in my school bag, minus text books and binders because I haven’t gotten those yet. Gum (A MUST HAVE!), hand sanitizer (i use this like every class period haha), my glasses (i have such bad vision, i can’t really see anything without them), pens/pencils of course, a calculator, my phone, a wallet for keys/cards/lunch money, lip balm, and oreos because i was hungry lol!

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I’m beyond obsessed with the two body butters. I actually purchased the entire collection, however I gifted them off because really..who needs all that lotion!